The Best Sexy Lingerie And Cozy Loungewear Brands

When stay-at-home began, women quickly traded out their micro-skirts and Amina Muaddi heels for worn-in tees and cotton joggers.

Luxury lingerie brands, however, began to emerge as an unpredictable COVID chameleon, reporting a noticeable uptick in their lacier and more provocative sales. For some brands like Agent Provocateur, the more risqué styles like leather playsuits and bondage accessories began tracking higher-than-usual sales, too. Last week, Zion Market Research reported that the women’s lingerie market, which was valued at USD 35.9 billion in 2017, is anticipated to grow over 10% by next year — remaining largely unaffected by the global pandemic.

While temperatures continue to drop and stay-at-home orders resurface, coziness and comfort are reclaiming their role as wardrobe’s ringleader. But whether comfort is defined by a lace bodysuit and silk knickers or cashmere pants and a pima cotton hoodie — well, that’s a personal decision. Whichever you decide, these brands are the very best.

La Perla

The brand that is almost as ubiquitous for luxury lingerie as Clorox is for bleach. La Perla slowly and exponentially swallows their competition like a sexy, lace-wearing Venus flytrap. The French lingerie maker reported an uptick of 200% in sales between April and May of 2020. With collections like Petit Macramé and La Perla Maison, their timeless pieces show no signs of slowing down.


The eponymous Venice-based swim and activewear brand’s new loungewear collection is the de facto uniform for L.A. women. Built on a bedrock of sustainability, SKATIE pieces are made in L.A. from as many recycled materials and responsibly-sourced fabrics as opportunity presents. Based on the founder commandeering her husband’s loungewear, the new collection’s hero joggers are made to fit oversized and ever-cozy.

Kiki De Montparnasse

Confusion and heartbreak struck the minds of many when Kiki De Montparnasse suddenly closed their doors in 2016. But when the brand relaunched online, fans rejoiced. With a sexy array of both lingerie and clothing that looks like lingerie, the edgy brand is known for bringing out the wearer’s wild side.


A luxury lingerie store in New York City, Journelle is a multi-brand destination for intimates. In addition to the store’s own luxury line, brands like Fleur of England and Hanro can be found on their digital shelves.

Coco de Mer

A niche London-based lingerie and pleasure destination, Coco de Mer began as a small brick-and-mortar boutique in Convent Gardens. Specializing in sensual styles, they are too, a multi-destination for sexy, niche brands and more erotic pieces.

Brunello Cucinelli

For a brand like Brunello Cucinelli, or just “Bruno” as its referred to by its wealthy wearers, the term ‘loungewear’ is not in their lexicon. The infamous cashmere sweatpants are instead referred to as ‘travelwear’, because it’s only when traveling to St. Moritz for Snow Polo or Kitzbühel for the Hahnenkamm that one would employ these $5,000 joggers.

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