The Collecta Gastonia Dinosaur Model Reviewed

Collecta Gastonia Dinosaur Model Reviewed

Collecta have added a model of the American dinosaur known as Gastonia to their prehistoric animal model range. The company, based in the Far East, has built up a strong reputation for making dinosaur toys and figures and this new Gastonia armored dinosaur is an excellent example of their craft.

The fossils of this plant-eating dinosaur that lived in the Cretaceous geological period were found in the same quarry as the formidable Dromaeosaur called Utahraptor. It is no wonder that this dinosaur was heavily armored as it needed to be, to withstand attacks from packs of Utahraptors, the largest "raptor-like" dinosaurs known from the fossil record.

Heavily Armored Dinosaur – Gastonia

At least four fossilized individuals have been described. As a result, Gastonia ( G. burgei ) is one of the best known of all the Early Cretaceous amoured dinosaurs and examples of reconstructions of this dinosaur can be seen in a number of museums in the United States. The genus name of this dinosaur honors Robert Gaston, an American palaeontologist who discovered the first bones of this prehistoric animal.

Gastonia Dinosaur Model

Measuring around thirteen centimetres in length this replica represents an animal that would have grown to be the length of a car and it would have weighed over a tonne. The model shows the sacral shield of armor over the hips and the rows of dangerous looking spikes and spines that covered this dinosaur's wide body. The head is triangular in shape and the mouth and beak quite narrow. Scientists think that this dinosaur that lived around 125 million years ago was probably an unfussy browser of low growing plants.

Slow-Moving Herbivore

This heavily armored dinosaur was probably quite slow-moving. It relied on its extensive armor to protect itself. The tail, which palaeontologists believe was lined with rows of triangular spines could have been swung backwards and forwards and would have made a formidable defensive weapon. The bony armor, spikes and scutes on the model have been very well created by the model making team. The paint color is predominantly brown with occasional black stripes. The bony armor itself has been cleverly painted an ivory color and there is lots of detail on the underside of the figure to be admired too.

Works Well with Other Collecta Replicas

This dinosaur model works well with other Collecta figures, including the Collecta Utahraptor dinosaur, so model fans can recreate a battle between this powerful herbivore and the fleet-footed, dangerous Utahraptor. All in all, this is a super, armored dinosaur model and it is one of the best dinosaur models of its type on the market.

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