Pernia Qureshi posing for a picture: Pernia Qureshi , founder, Gur Organics

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Pernia Qureshi , founder, Gur Organics

Indian stylist and fashion entrepreneur, Pernia Qureshi, rose to fame with her designer costumes for the Bollywood film Aisha. She has many labels under her kitty, namely there’s Pernia’s Pop Up Shop- the eponymous fashion line; Pernia Qureshi Brands, and the newly launched Gur Organics. She started her journey in the fashion world in the year 2012 and there has been no looking back for her. In a t te- -t te chat with us, Pernia spilled the beans about why sustainability is the need of the hour, how the fashion industry is changing with COVID, her venture Gur Organics collaboration with Teleport India for Vocal For Local, and more. Read on! Excerpt: 1. You have been associated with the fashion industry for many years, what are your thoughts on the fashion industry at large? The fashion industry feels like home and I am so glad that it is finally waking up in a big way to the importance of sustainability and ethical practices. 2. What are your views on vocal for local initiative? I believe it is a great initiative by the Government of India that helps small brands like ours grow and gives us exposure not just in India but also internationally. Supporting your local community is the perfect way to give back. 3. Tell us about your partnership with Teleport? And why did you choose Teleport for a collaboration? We have partnered with Teleports’ India subsidiary under initiatives Vocal for Local and Made in India to boost our economy and help SME’s grow. Our partnership with Teleport is important and a good one because they have taken our brand, Gur Organics, to South East Asia. They have a great network in many cities and have been able to introduce us in cities like Bangkok, the Philippines and many more. 4. How is your brand foraying in the SE Asia market for the first time? It seems to be a good start. The brand is barely a year old and it is exciting to see it already go International! With Teleport’s rich expertise in logistics, vast network in SE Asia, and their connections, we feel confident that they will be able to introduce Gur to new markets outside of India. Gur Organics has a universal appeal as the aesthetics are very international in silhouettes and we are confident that SE Asian customers will love our product. 5. With the current scenario and everything going virtual, how is the fashion industry changing with COVID? I think the fashion industry has become more tech-savvy with a very big emphasis on distant customer care. Many are also re-working their working structure to include sustainability as an important factor. This is great because the customers and the environment are benefitting. 6. With so many fashion labels and designers in the industry, what’s your strategy to stay ahead in the game? We launched a completely sustainable fashion label pre-Covid so I do feel like we were ahead of the curve. Our aim is to educate people about our story and the importance of conserving natural resources for a better future. Very importantly we also focus on curbing the pollution and waste that comes with the production in fashion, but at the same time produce styles that feel and look great. 7. What’s the next big thing for the fashion industry? I hope it is waste management, sustainability, and recycling. 8. What’s the fashion trend of the season currently?

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