WATCH: Carolina Hurricanes mascot surprises groom on wedding day pretending to be bride during first look

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With the NHL season over, much of professional hockey has entered a dead period where workers around the team have nothing to do. This includes the team mascots, but a couple of Hurricanes fans have found a way to incorporate the Carolina mascot into their lives.

Stormy, the mascot Ice Hog for the Hurricanes, made a special guest appearance at one big fan’s wedding. According to the post of the video surprise, the wife of the groom-to-be decided to try and play a prank on her soon-to-be husband. He waited, with his eyes closed for the first look and wedding dress reveal for on their special day. Upon the groom’s turning around he did not see his beautiful bride, but instead saw Stormy, which, based on his reaction, seemed like just as special of a moment. The two shared a passionate embrace and took photos together.

In follow-up photos of the event, it turns out that the mascot hung around for a bit to have a good time. What a cool mascot!

Stormy has been with the franchise since its move to North Carolina in 1997. According to the bio page on the NHL’s website, one of Stormy’s hobbies includes “pulling pranks” so of all the teams the groom could have been a fan of, he chose the team with the mascot that was perfect for this sort of job.

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