Wedding of 150 people found by police helicopter, violates COVID-19 rules

Police observed a wedding with 150 participants from a helicopter, according to police spokesperson’s unit.The wedding took place on the roof of a house located at Bi’ina village in northern Israel. Both guests and waiters were in attendance, and began dispersing quickly once police cars arrived. Both the groom and his father were fined for violating coronavirus regulations and were taken into questioning.
The police have urged the public to maintain the Health Ministry’s coronavirus guidelines to curb its spread. They further added that they will continue to use all legal means at their disposal to stop violations that risk the virus spreading further, such as  public gatherings and familial events like weddings,, according the police spokesperson unit.In total, police gave out 4,045 tickets to people who violated coronavirus restrictions in the 24 hours between Friday and Saturday evening.Some 1,036 people were fined for failing to wear a mask, and 2,781 tickets were given to people who traveled more than 1,000 meters from home for a non-essential reason. Only a few tickers were given to people who broke their isolation requirements.

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