Why Luxury Lingerie Should be Your New Self Care Routine


Self-care is all about loving and caring for our bodies. It encourages us to slow down and attend to our individual needs: what makes us feel happy and healthy. Some think things like designer bikinis and lingerie to be a frivolous and unnecessary expense. Others shy away from it because they believe it is only for beautiful modelesque women. But lingerie is not always about looking good for a photograph, it’s about feeling sexy and beautiful. We are creatures with a complex sexual nature. We use clothing as an unspoken communication to conceal our sexuality. Lingerie is a scintillating paradox that can be used not to cover but expose and excite.

Our bodies hold our inner secrets, desires and everything we have to give to those we love. When we are naked, our outward persona falls away and we can play. We are free to accentuate or hide whatever we choose. We can be soft and delicate, or we can be exciting and dangerous. We have the liberty to express ourselves as independent women. This is a gift and a right. As women so much of what we consume is based on expressing our identity to the world around us. Self-care encourages us to lay some of that love on our intimate self. Here are some excellent reasons why luxury lingerie is your new best friend:

It’s Beautiful

Designer lingerie won’t be cheap. But isn’t that part of the allure? What could be more sensual or luxurious than sliding precious silks and expertly crafted lace over your bare skin? Designer lingerie is dreamt up by individuals whose sole profession is to create wearable decadence that flatters and flirts with the female form. Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that experience?

It’s Feminine

Modern women are fierce. We are independent and strong. We are businesswomen, doctors and board members. In the midst of that strength, it can be nice to have a secret that reminds us we are sensual and womanly. Femininity is playful and sexy. In the 21st century you can be a powerful woman and delight in girlish things.

It Makes You Look Good

Whether your lingerie is seen by your eyes only, or choice others’, there’s no doubt good lingerie makes you look good. Clothing is not made to support your body; undergarments are. Ill-fitting, poorly made lingerie is an uncomfortable waste of money. It will ruin the silhouette of your clothing and leave you looking lumpy and sad. It might even be hazardous to your health.

Finally, Why Not?

Women are hard workers. We have earned every penny we have and we owe it to ourselves to treat us once in a while. Buying yourself a gift that makes you feel beautiful and special is hardly frivolous. Spending time engaging in pleasurable, intentional moments is the core concept of self-care. You should treat yourself to something beautiful because you want to. You are worth every dollar. As Chanel said, “The best things in life are free. The second-best are very expensive.”

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