Woman crashes wedding claiming groom is her husband and children’s father

A wedding ceremony in Zambia came to a halt after the groom’s real wife turned up at the church. Abraham Muyunda was about to get married when Caroline Mubita barged in with the couple’s three children on Monday, October 12. The woman claimed that the husband had left the family home in the morning, telling her that he was going out of town for work. The woman’s arrival at the church was caught on video by a wedding guest. Since the video became viral, the man reportedly spoke out about the incident. He claimed that the woman had left him years ago when he faced financial troubles. She only returned as he was doing better. He also said that his family and the family of the bride-to-be supported their marriage even after knowing about his previous marriage.

Muyunda’s wedding guests were shocked when a woman with a child strapped to her back turned up at a catholic church in Chainda. A wedding guest started recording the incident as the woman started saying that the groom was already married to her. She was accompanied by three children who were reportedly fathered by the groom.

In the video, the guest seemed as bewildered as Mubita. Some of the guests were seen trying to talk to her but she kept talking to the priest who was officiating the marriage. The video went viral on social media.

According to Zambian Observer, the man who works for the Zambia Revenue Authority lived with Mubita. On the day of his second wedding, he told the woman that he was going out of town on official work. She was alerted of what was going on behind her back by a neighbour so she rushed to stop the wedding.

The man was reportedly held by the police. It is unknown if he has been charged with bigamy which has a seven-year sentence in Zambia.

Since the video went viral, the Face of Malawi reported the man’s side of the story. Muyunda claimed that he and his estranged wife had separated in 2013. She supposedly left him when he lost his job. He believes she barged in on the wedding as she wanted to be a part of his life since he was financially stable again. He also said that his family and his new bride’s family knew about his past. They were supportive of the new relationship.

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Woman crashes husband’s wedding to another woman. (representational image)

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