High-quality Clothe Brands That Are Affordable

Everyone loves clothes right? You desire to always have your wardrobe filled with top-quality purchases; some to wear on occasion and others on special nights and events. When you buy clothes, you buy them with long-lasting use in mind. Nobody wants to invest in a purchase that’ll last for a few weeks.

You wonder why you still have some clothes in your wardrobe? They probably last long – the more reason you need more quality-yet-affordable clothes this 2021.

To lay hold on affordable clothing brands, you’ll first need to go through Collected Reviews for detailed and honest reviews on diverse affordable clothing brands. You’ll get to interface with reliable shopping brands as you go through the reviews.

When it comes to high-quality clothes, durability speaks louder than any other thing, and getting high-quality clothes will surely cost you some extra money to purchase, but you can bet you’ll save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by not having to replace worn-out clothes every month.

Easy Ways To Find High-quality and Affordable Clothes

It’s fruitless to walk into a random clothing store to buy just any clothes you see because you want to save up some money. Of course, if you find a good bargain on quality clothing, you’re free to purchase them.

Here are two major ways to find out affordable and high-quality clothes online.

1.   Be Patient For Discounts

2.   Look For Competition

Quality Brands That Are Still Affordable

There are still amazing clothing brands with fantastic choices that will surely last you for a lifetime. The brands on this list have a reputation as well as quality.


Everlane produces affordable and high-quality items of clothing. You may not get the cheapest prices from everyone on the market but you’ll get an affordable piece that’ll last for long use.

You’ll get stylish (practical) articles of clothing for men and women ranging from t-shirts, casual clothes, event and night dresses.


Being that Spanx brands are often worn under your clothing, it’s still worthy of investment. The company manufactures Affordable clothes with durability.

For dressing confidence and proper body shaping, you should try out Spanx.


Clothing necessity birthed Bonobos. The company kicked off with pants and later moved to suits and shirts. Bonobos came up with a curved pant waistband to give more comfort to their customers.

If you’re interested in stopping for affordable and high-quality pants, Bonobos has got you covered.

American Giant

American Giant is geared towards making responsible clothes. It’s easy for you to directly get your purchase at home or wherever you are.

 You won’t only be getting responsible and quality clothes but you’ll save up some bucks on affordable clothes.

Want to know more affordable clothing brands? Check out the 35 best online stores that are cheap

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8 Fashionable Women Shoes And When To Wear Them

Shoes are every woman’s best friend, regardless of what Marilyn Monroe said! The right shoe will improve your morale, transform your appearance, and turn heads as soon as you walk into a room. Just one question: which one is better for you? When it comes to heels, there are more choices than you would expect.

If you’re looking for opulent stilettos, trendy pumps, or fashionable boots, the world of fashion has you covered. These are the various styles to be mindful of when buying your next pair of shoes. BritainReviews would be of help by giving you exciting reviews on women’s shoes.

 Here is a list of some of them

·       White KittenHeels

These adorable kitten heel booties will add a chic touch to your outfit. White is one of the season’s hottest shoe colors, so wear them with bright or pastel colors to make them pop. This footwear looks great with a midi skirt or jeans and a trench coat. They’re a must-have for any woman’s wardrobe, no matter how you style them. Another fantastic thing about them? You can wear them for your first date as it gives you the confidence you need. You should check out interesting dating sites’ online reviews before going on that date.

·       Straight Leg Boots

Say goodbye to the boots that are too tight to walk in, and hello to these straight-leg boots. Not only do they look fantastic with long, flowing skirts, but they’re also a great way to staying warm when the weather cools down. Choose from a simple, understated look, or go all out with a funky pattern or animal print. If you want to show off a little more leg, pair these fantastic shoes with a mini skirt and a long jacket, and you’ll be ready to hit the streets in style all day.

·       Ornate Heels

With these ornate heels, let your feet do the talking. You can never go wrong with an ornate shoe, whether it’s gold, silver, or crystal. It doesn’t have to be extravagant – all you need is a simple design with a decorative embellishment to make a statement. Choose a designer shoe or something with a detail wrapped around the heel’s back if you want to go all out.

·       Pumps

There are girls’ casual shoes, ladies’ formal shoes, party wear boots, and date-ready footwear. Pumps, however, are the most versatile pair of women’s shoes ever! Consider what color of shoes goes with anything and choose a pair of pumps in that hue!

·       Stiletto Heels

Stilettos, distinguished by their thin, high heels, are both a blessing and a curse for women. The shoe style is that which can be worn as both formal and glamorous footwear for women! What types of heels have caused many a prudent woman to spend all of her money? Stiletto heels.

·       Ankle Booties

Boots were not recognized as high fashion footwear until the 1970s when they became a staple in most winter …

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Fashion after Covid 19 lock-down

If there were ever a time for fashion to reinvent itself, it is now. The industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Billions of dollars of clothing orders placed with manufacturers around the world have been cancelled, major physical retailers have shuttered. Online sales are down by as much as 20-40% in the US. A majority of fashion businesses are likely to suffer financial distress over the coming months, and it’s a fact that many will not survive.

As the world sits on pause during this COVID-19 crisis, there exists a rare opportunity for the fashion world to rethink how it does things, financially and environmentally. This is certainly true of the major incumbents, fashion houses that control a large portion of the industry value chain. But it also applies to new entrants: innovators and disruptors that might find it the perfect time to shake things up and improve upon the status quo. (see fashion accessories for men online stores)


This is a wake-up call for both the consumers and the industry as a whole. The threat that this pandemic holds over our heads is a call to action for the fashion industry to slow down, move away from mass production and change direction, before an even larger problem is at hand.

The crisis that we are now finding ourselves in will undoubtedly initiate a shift in how we interpret fashion. Like the effect of past world wars and pandemics, we too will have to focus on quality over quantity, practicality over vanity. (see us-reviews.com)

It takes a crisis to form a tactic and fashion is no exception. Some of the best designs were born from hardship. Let’s take for instance, Coco Chanel created women’s couture pieces from foraged fabrics when materials were scarce around the period of the First World War, such as jersey men’s underwear. This led to a huge shift in womenswear from restrained corsets to comfortable attire, making Chanel the innovative brand to beat.

When the lock-down started, face masks became the most ubiquitous and essential accessory, they were passed out at the runway shows everywhere in America, factories closed in parts of Asia bringing production to a halt, but the permanent shifts the industry would experience had yet to be fully realized. From the very beginning, Coronavirus disrupted and changed the fashion industry, but its larger impact is still only starting to be understood.

As businesses everywhere learned to adapt and hit the breaks during this time, fashion faced a unique call to action. It came quite literally in a joint letter from the Council of Fashion Designers of America and the British Fashion Council. In addition to emphasizing sustainable practices and a more thoughtful approach to events and in-person presentations, the letter asked designers to focus on two main collections per year.

With over 36 million people currently unemployed, leisure fashion has taken a backseat in favor of necessities. Buying the latest designer shoe or handbag isn’t exactly top of mind …

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5 Ways Fashion Influences Your Dating Life

It may seem off or untrue, but there really is a connection between your fashion choices and your dating life. On the first encounter with a person, you notice subtle details about their sense of fashion from what they are wearing, and this has a significant influence on whether or not you might like that person. What you wear is almost always a true reflection of your personality-except someone dresses you up, or you don’t get your own clothes.

Your attraction to someone would be as a result of personality, sense of fashion and looks. If you’ve not started dating yet and you’re searching for that ‘significant other, reviewsbird.co.uk offers dating sites opinions and reviews made by users of those websites. From here, you’d be able to discover the best dating sites and who knows? You might just meet that wonderful person that’ll sweep you off your feet.

There are various ways fashion influences your relationship. These include:

1.You’d get more messages and emails just for being stylish

If you’re on social media and post many pictures showing how fashionable you are, you’ll get more messages, more comments, and attention than someone with poor fashion choices. Fashion is not just seen in what you wear; style is how you present yourself out there to other people. It encompasses how neat you are, your levels of confidence, your carriage and posture. Throwing on some clothes and accessories will not attract more people except you take care of the other aspects mentioned. Fashion is who you are, fashion announces you.

2.Make a good impression on your first date

On the first date, you should try to make a good impression on the other person if you want things to work out well. Dressing stylishly and appropriately for the occasion is a must if you’re looking to impress others. This doesn’t mean you should go all out of your way to buy an item of expensive clothing for the date. Water something you’re comfortable in that accentuates your best physical features and don’t forget to go out with your smile and confidence! This way, you’re being the most natural form of yourself, and that is enough to attract a date.

3.Iron your clothes

Never wear wrinkled clothes. Wrinkled clothes are such a turn off when you’re looking to attract a person. In fact, if you need to step out of your house, even if you just need to go across the street, wear ironed clothes. Ironed clothes immediately enhance your appearance and make you look neater and more reliable, unlike when you wear wrinkled clothes.

4.Keep your make-up light

Don’t wear too heavy make-up for dates. Lip gloss, eyeliner, eyeshadow and some blush are enough to charm your date. This, however, is subjected to choice. If you feel good about wearing a lot of make-up, don’t hesitate to do so. Just don’t overdo it. Good hygiene is also a must. Keep yourself clean

5.Prioritise your comfort

Don’t lose yourself trying …

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5 Maternity Dress Ideas for Heavy Pregnancies

Are you heavily pregnant and grumpy? Are you worried that you will go out of fashion and style? Being pregnant comes with a whole new feeling and as days turn to months, you watch your body change and your tummy grow larger.

When you are 5 to 6 months gone, your clothes will no longer fit you, hence, you will need to buy new comfortable clothes that will make you comfortable during your heavy pregnancy days.

So what kind of clothes should you wear? In recent times, you can find anything on the internet, and maternity dress ideas are no exception. However, instead of surfing through various websites, you can simply visit ReviewsBird.com where you will find various fashion stores that are willing to give you maternity dress suggestions that will make you look comfortable and classy. While doing that, below are some other maternity dress ideas that you can count on:

Pants or skirt with a drawstring

When it comes to choosing the right maternity dress, you should bear in mind that your comfort is a priority. If you wear pants or a skirt with a zipper, first you will be unable to zip it because of your protruding tummy, then, it will make you very uncomfortable which won’t be good for the baby and you. However, any skirt or pants with a drawstring can be adjusted to your comfort.

Jeans or skirt with a belly band

Pregnant women these days try to look classy and stylish and dressing well has become their priority. However, since you still want to rock your jeans and top, then you should get jeans with a belly band. The belly band makes the jeans sit comfortably on your tummy without causing any form of discomfort or body trouble.

A-line top or gowns

A-line clothing has always been in vogue and it comes in handy when you are heavily pregnant. It is usually free from under your bust down, and this means as your tummy grows bigger, you can continue to rock your A-line clothing. It allows air into your body and it fits into any body type.

Wrap dresses

If there’s one thing that has always been in fashion, it is the wrap dresses. The best part about these dresses is that it fits everyone. Are you heavily pregnant? Wrap dresses will make your day, and you will always look classy in them, even in your heavy baby bump, wrap gowns or tops remains one the best maternity dresses you can purchase.

Maxi dresses

If you decide to wear skinny clothes while heavily pregnant, you might not feel comfortable in them, hence, when your tummy gets bigger, go for maxi dresses. It could be a maxi gown, or a loose shirt, just ensure it is very free on you.

It is every woman’s dream to get pregnant someday, but they still want to look sexy even with their baby bumps. Therefore, these maternity dress ideas will make you look comfortable and …

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Why it is Easier Than Ever to Find Pregnant Women’s Clothes Online

Are you pregnant and thinking of what to wear? Perhaps you are concerned about where to get the best fit for you during this period?

The days when it was practically impossible to get maternity dresses online are over. The reason is not far-fetched as various online fashion stores aim at selling pregnant women’s clothes, toddlers, amongst other wears and the necessary equipment to make the process and transitioning easier for women.

One of the fashion shops whose aim is to make available clothing for pregnant women in the Uk and other countries through their online platform is patpat clothing UK. You can read about them to check various fashion options they have.

To join the league of those who believe that getting clothes online for pregnant women has become an easy task, you need to consider certain things or ideas while shopping for maternity clothes. The good thing about these ideas is that they help make finding pregnant women’s clothes easier online. Some of these things are the following: –

Shop around

There is absolutely nothing wrong with shopping around for your pregnancy clothes. The internet and these fashion stores have made it easier since you can shop while in your houses’ comfort. What needs to become done is to look through different maternity brands before deciding on which to patronize. Hence, you can read more about online shopping brands to see if they have maternity wears section, you can purchase nice and comfortable outfits.

Pair new outfits with old ones

One of the awesomeness of being pregnant is that you can rock your outfits in different styles. Thus, your pregnancy should be far from being boring. To help you with this task, you may purchase about two to four new outfits and pair them up with your old wears to make different styles entirely. For instance, you can buy a maxi shirt dress and rock it with your old scarf. You can also buy a new shirt and get your old pair of jeans to make you look beautiful. However, rocking your old dresses depends on how far along you are.

Wear form-fitting outfits

Another fashion style you need to imbibe is purchasing and wearing form-fitting outfits during your pregnancy days. Being pregnant does not equate to needing to hide your baby bump in big, long and boring outfits. You need to get form-fitting outfits that will be comfortable and also help accentuate your curves. For comfort sake, you may invest in purchasing form-fitting gowns.

Get maternity essentials.

Knowing and purchasing the essentials at this period will help make your task of finding pregnant women’s clothes online easier. When you already know the necessary things to look for during shopping, you will not waste time scanning through. One of these essentials includes comfortable and pretty undergarments. You need to invest in purchasing supportive bras that may double as a nursing bra.

Another essential you need to know and purchase is a couple of stretchy T-shirts in …

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Some Good Tips On How To Avoid Needing A DWI Attorney

One of the top reasons for death in the United States these days will be an automobile accident. One of the main causes of automobile accidents is driving while intoxicated by either alcohol or drugs. On the typical, intoxicated drivers per year kill roughly 15,000 individuals.

Households suffer the loss of loved ones, and life is cut disastrously short just because an individual drove after drinking an excessive quantity of alcohol. Even though you didn’t kill an individual, there’s nonetheless a chance of something negative coming from drunk driving. You may wind up having a “driving while intoxicated” (DWI) arrest.

A DWI arrest is a criminal offense in all 50 States and can wreck your way of life. You will lose your driver’s license, spend time in jail, and be forced to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fines. This is not to mention running the risk of losing your family, career, and your future. Now that we’ve established that drunk driving isn’t suggested, what could be your next move if you are caught with this kind of citation?

Hiring a Competent Attorney

You must hire a competent houston dwi defense attorney who can help you mitigate the damage of one’s DWI case. But wait. The strategy is by no means to require a DWI lawyer to start with. In this article, we’ll talk about several ways you can avoid yourself coming from ever needing a DWI legal expert.

The very first way to avoid hiring a DWI attorney would be not to have a car. In this manner, you could consume all you can and will not be compelled to drive, as you have nothing to drive. Furthermore, instead of going to cafes about town, try a bar very close to your residence. On the other hand, you could additionally have an excellent time at your house or maybe at a friend’s home.

You can’t acquire a DWI if you are not driving a car. You can have as much excitement staying at home and drinking as you want rather than going out. Encourage some pals over, to make it an occasion. If you do invite friends, make sure there’s a specified driver who’s not intoxicated; to bring everybody safely home or just let them sleepover at your home, so no one has to drive.

Another great way to prevent you from having a DWI case is by getting a designated driver. The specified driver will probably be somebody who will not consume alcohol and is accountable for safely getting every person home. This is wonderful when you have a buddy that truly doesn’t drink. Normally, if everyone from your group drinks, you will have to select a friend for the job. Alternatively, it is best to take turns among yourselves, who the designated driver could be on each occasion. By doing this, no one feels overlooked and left out as every individual assumes the driver role in the group.

Is it not a horrendous sensation

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Clothing chain Francesca’s files bankruptcy to sell itself

Clothing and accessories chain Francesca’s Holdings Corp. filed for bankruptcy protection to ease a planned sale of assets to an investor as retailers face continued financial pressure during the coronavirus pandemic.

Francesca’s sought chapter 11 in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, Del., on Thursday to run a sales process while tapping TerraMar Capital LLC, which invests in midsize businesses, as the lead bidder. TerraMar’s offer will be subject to higher bids and an auction if necessary, and requires court approval to close.

Stocks in this Article


Francesca’s CEO Andrew Clarke said a number of other interested parties are engaged in due diligence.

Francesca’s storefront (Google Street View) 

“We are confident that we will emerge from this process as a stronger company poised to drive growth by exploring new brand avenues, expanding our e-commerce channels, and providing our customers with the latest fashion options and treasure-hunt experiences they know and love us for, ” he said.


Houston-based Francesca’s said in November that it would close roughly 140 of its boutiques–which sell apparel, jewelry, accessories and gifts–by the end of January, leaving about 560 in operation. The company said Thursday it planned to renegotiate a number of leases during the bankruptcy process, which “may include closing additional boutiques.”

Francesca’s lender Tiger Finance LLC is supplying a $25 million financing package to carry the company through chapter 11 and cover employee wages and benefits and the provision of customer orders. The company’s planned sales process would conclude by Jan 20.


The coronavirus has been devastating for many retailers as government mandates and shoppers’ fear of contagion have reduced foot traffic at bricks-and-mortar locations. The pandemic exacerbated the challenges retailers already faced from changing consumer habits and the growing popularity of online shopping.

Retailers shut down stores for good at a record pace in the first half of 2020, while big companies like J.C. Penney Co., Neiman Marcus Group Inc. and Brooks Brothers Inc. filed for chapter 11.


Source Article

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British Fashion Awards 2020 Winners

“Who is leading change in fashion?” asked the British Fashion Council ahead of the 2020 Fashion Awards, which premiered on Thursday Dec. 3 in a short film on the BFC’s Youtube channel — where 20 individuals and brands were recognized for leading positive change in the fashion industry during a very unpredictable year.

Instead of the usual focus on best designer, the BFC started fresh with four new categories of awardees: environment, people, community, and creativity. “From those who bravely faced this challenging year with pro-active responses to the global pandemic, showed leadership and creative resilience over the past year, to the ones who stood up against prejudice within the fashion industry and fight for change,” said the BFC in a press statement. Ahead, are the winners . . .


Emergency Design Network
Launched by Phoebe English, Bethany Williams, Holly Fulton, and Cozette McCreery, “harnessed the power of London’s fashion community. Galvanizing industry experts to produce 50,000 surgical gowns and 10,000 sets of scrubs for British health workers.”

Michael Halpern
“During the Covid-19 lockdown, rather than stage a show for London Fashion Week, Michael paid tribute to the frontline workers. He captured eight women from across the public service sectors in film and portraits, reflecting on their work, sparking joy and hope.”

“Chanel uses its influence to create positive change. Through the work of foundation Chanel, it is committed to improving the economic and social conditions of women worldwide. It has developed a racial justice fund to support grassroots organizations led by people of color.”

Kenneth Ize
“Dedicated to preserving African craft and heritage through a community of weavers, artisans, and design groups placing Nigerian cultural heritage on a global stage.”

A Sai
“Actively standing against injustice to make fashion inclusive and kind. A Sai Ta uses his voice to offer an end to discrimination against marginalized communities and committing profits to organizations that support the end of systemic discriminations and racism.”


Edward Enninful
“As editor of British Vogue, he is an agent of change, holding a mirror up to the industry.”

Lindsay Peoples Wagner and Sandrine Charles of Black In Fashion Council
“In June 2020, Lindsay, editor of Teen Vogue, and Sandrine, PR executive, launched the Black In Fashion Council whose aim is to set a new foundation for diversity, inclusion, and accountability to the fashion industry.”

Samuel Ross
“A part of a new generation of menswear designers. His brand, A-Cold-Wall* has a big impact on the communities that he works with. His Black Lives Matter financial aid scheme pledges money to organizations and people on the front line. He gave thousands of dollars to businesses with Black owners across a diverse range of areas.”

Aurora James
“This year, Aurora James spearheaded a pioneering campaign calling on retailers to dedicate 15 percent of their shelf space to Black-owned brands. This, along with her community of communities and artisans through her brand Brother Vellies, makes her a trailblazer.”

Priya Ahluwalia
“A progressive-thinking leader and agent

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Who have been the most influential women of 2020? FT readers respond

Every December, FT Weekend Magazine dedicates a special series to profiling some of the most influential women of the year from across the globe.

Of course our list isn’t exhaustive — each year there are far more women who deserve to be included than we can possibly fit. This is why we asked for your help in highlighting some of the game changers who have mattered to you in 2020.

This year we were delighted to receive hundreds of nominations, and we enjoyed reading about the women you felt had broken ground, coped with crises or brought attention to some of the most important issues of our time, whether in their community or at a national or international level.

Here is a selection of 12 game-changing women who FT readers thought stood out in 2020.


The world is beginning to realise that empathy is a necessary quality for leadership. New Zealand’s handling of the pandemic has also shut up the naysayers.


She understood quickly the possible consequences of Covid. That it was not flu. She managed to get her country on side in limiting the number of cases, and pretty much eradicating it in New Zealand. She did this by demonstrating a remarkable lack of hubris, unlike some other — mostly male — world leaders who showed the absolute opposite traits and, as a result, lack of success.

Richard in UK

Ozlem TUreci, chief medical officer, BioNTech

It’s such a beautiful story: two gifted immigrants [Türeci and husband Uğur Şahin] fell in love and are on course to have developed the first vaccine against the coronavirus, a truly global threat. And she is the chief scientist in the company that has developed it!

Ze Estevao

Özlem Türeci and Katalin Kariko of BioNTech — two of the crucial scientists behind the breakthrough of using mRNA to induce immune reactions. Their persistence over many years provides the world with a potential way out of the pandemic and a platform for tackling many other diseases.


kamala Harris, us vice president-elect

Navigated through a crowded field to emerge as the first woman on a winning American presidential ticket. First African-American in pole position for the presidency. Ran the second- largest justice department in the US, can sell tickets to her interrogations on the Justice committee and hasn’t lost who she is on the rise to power. She will be a crucial right hand in the incoming administration.

— Edwina

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, belarusian politician

The election campaign in Belarus almost ended before it began, with three key opposition leaders jailed before the election day. Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, one of the leader’s wives, was allowed to run on her husband’s collected signatures and, essentially, out of pity. In an unexpected turn of events, she united with two female leaders of the other candidates’ teams, and formed a trio which lifted the country out of political slumber and gave people hope.

Roman Faminou


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