How to Select the Correct Curling Iron

Gone are the days when one curling iron was right for every type of hair density, length, type, and texture. Today, the beauty industry recognizes the fact that one curling iron is not necessarily right for each and every hair type. Just take a look at the wide range of top rated curling irons by Rank & Style. Their list includes an evolving range of high tech curling irons with an even wider range of features. Certainly, the average woman finds selecting just the right curling iron frustrating because of the number of curling irons available. Here is how to select the correct curling iron for your hair.

Hair Density

First, it is important to consider hair density. This is just a fancy term for the thickness or the thinness of your hair. Generally, a woman with thick hair requires a completely different type of curling iron. Girls with thinner hair require a curling iron that supplies less intense heat. Generally, less than 300F is suitable. However, girls with thick hair require a curling iron that has a much higher temperature range because their hair is more difficult to curl. Generally, at least 250F and up.

Hair Length

It is also reasonable to consider the length of your hair. For example, short hair, medium length hair, and longer length hair require a different barrel size. The barrel size also determines the size of the curl that is created. The larger the barrel size, the larger the curl. It is also important to note that the barrel size is actually the width of the curling irons styling section. Generally, the barrel sizes range from less than an inch to 2 inches. Select a large barrel size to create loose curls on long hair or big curls on short hair. Select a smaller barrel size to create springy curls on long hair or tiny curls on short hair.

Barrel Material

Today, the curling iron is available in a wide range of materials. However, the barrel selected depends on the hair type too. Thick hair requires a higher heating temperature to form a long-lasting curl. Therefore, a curling iron made out of titanium, tourmaline, or ceramic is suggested because they are able to handle the higher heating temperatures. Thinner hair requires lower heat to create curls. In addition, thin hair is delicate and requires a barrel that also protects the hair. Ceramic barrels, Nano ceramic, tourmaline, Nano tourmaline, or titanium ceramic are suggested.

Curl Patterns

Finally, it is suggested that you take a serious look at the curl pattern of your hair. For example, straight, wavy, and curly hair require different types of curling irons. Lower temperature irons are suitable for straight or wavy hair, while a higher temperature iron is suitable for curly hair.

Perhaps, you are thinking about getting a new curling iron. Selecting the right curling iron is difficult because of the multitude of curling irons available. Follow the tips here to make the process easier.

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